Thread x Thread & Montpellier Fashion

I was contacted by Christina Abbott who is the owner at Montpellier Fashion after FAT 2017 to participate in an eco-friendly competition. The challenge was to create a couture look using fabric manufactured from recycled plastic pop bottles. The company who creates this material is Thread International and they provided us with both black and green materials to come up with a stand out look!!. I had all of these ideas to create a wow look but it's easier to imagine before getting the actual material to begin designing. Once all the selected designers had the initial meeting, we were given our models and fabric and had just a few weeks to come up with something. The aim of the competition was to raise $50,000 for Wateraid/Rise for Water which is an initiative to provide clean and safe drinking water to those that don't have the access to it.

I was initially inspired by water itself. The movement of water and how it is a life sustaining natural resource. I sourced different images from pinterest for this look including couture runway pics, marine creatures and for the style art deco paintings.

I knew that playing with the fabric by manipulating it and gathering it would make it interesting and fun so I went for it and had a blast! It was time to hand it in quickly and wait for the runway show! On the day of the show it was all adrenaline! We had to meet at the Aveda Institute on King St West in Toronto to meet both our model, hairstylist and makeup artist. I was fortunate to work with an amazing hairstylist by the name of Taylor Smits(Aveda), Aerin V(Plutino Group). Here are some final shots of the garment, hair and model at the runway show!