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What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability has been a hot topic in fashion for awhile now due to awareness of unethical practices in the fashion industry as well as the environmental impact of waste from fast fashion. There are many terms under the umbrella of sustainability which can sometimes seem unclear. 

Many brands practice sustainable production methods which means awareness of how much waste is created during production,the types of materials used, ie.environmentally safe materials like bamboo jersey etc or using natural dyes as opposed to chemical dyes


Ethical brands practice and express values such as fair wages for employees, safe work environments and often times collaborate with artisans.

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is opposite of fast fashion and focuses on mindful production and quality pieces. 


Recycling/ Upcycling is a method of production using vintage and thrift clothes to remake or transform garments are also another way of designers/brands fall under in terms of sustainability.


Handmade is also another way for deigners to create garments. Items are often made from start to finish by one person as opposed to an assembly line in mass production. Many details of the garment are constructed by hand with care and no two items are exactly alike. 

Here at 83 Studio, my work as a designer is to provide value through handmade fashion. For each collection all our fabric is sourced from local shops using deadstock and discontinued fabric and made in small batches and using as much of our leftover materials for other products leaving as little waste as possible. My goal is to continue to  bring awareness about sustainability being mindful of the environment without sacrificing style and expression.


Model:Rene Jaidi

Photographer:Michelle Aristocrat


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