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New Accessory Launch - Summer 2020

                 Accessory Launch - Summer 2020 With the many changes happening in the world, I've decided that the best way to move forward with 83 Studio is to be even more mindful of how we create and the waste that is produced. Generally when collections are made each year, all the scraps or leftovers are donated or used for small tests. This year I decided to make use of any fabric that has been donated via design friends or leftovers from past one of a kind items for accessories. Since  everything is limited edition once it's been sold it's gone. We will keep producing accessories and design styles with every release using limited...

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New Studio Location!

I recently moved to a larger studio space that I'm sharing with a designer friend.We moved into the new space in an industrial area with amazing bright light just as the world changed back in mid-March. It's been interesting to see all the changes. Navigating these changes such as getting materials has changed because shops aren't open. It's provided ample time to work on the next release which will be happen this summer. I'll release the launch date soon please stay tuned with any updates via the signup for our first newsletter.

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What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability has been a hot topic in fashion for awhile now due to awareness of unethical practices in the fashion industry as well as the environmental impact of waste from fast fashion. There are many terms under the umbrella of sustainability which can sometimes seem unclear.  Many brands practice sustainable production methods which means awareness of how much waste is created during production,the types of materials used, ie.environmentally safe materials like bamboo jersey etc or using natural dyes as opposed to chemical dyes Ethical Ethical brands practice and express values such as fair wages for employees, safe work environments and often times collaborate with artisans. Slow Fashion Slow fashion is opposite of fast fashion and focuses on mindful production and...

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